Book. 1: The Devil And His Bastard Son
Robert of Normandy is a young man in a hurry. He’s handsome, brave, impetuous and he’s just seized Normandy’s mightiest castle. But Robert has an older brother, Richard. He’s the Duke of Normandy. He wants his castle back and he’ll take it by force if he has to.

Herleva of Falaise is the daughter of a humble tanner, but she’s more beautiful than any princess. When she and Robert meet, they will change the course of history.

Queen Emma was a daughter of the House of Normandy. She’s been wife to two Kings of England and is mother of two Kings to come. But her princeling sons, Edward and Alfred live in bitter exile at the Norman court, waiting for the day they can return home and reclaim the birthright their own mother has denied them.

William is Robert and Herleva’s illegitimate son. He’s born into a world of murder and intrigue, where families are torn apart by bitter rivalries, renegade warlords stop at nothing in their lust for power and wealth, and professional assassins are never short of work.

His enemies will mock him as William the Bastard. But we have another name for him: Conqueror.

Book. 2: The Crown Across The Water
William, the boy Duke of Normandy is running out of friends. His guardians are killed off, one by one. Even his old friends turn against him and suddenly he is riding for his life through the night, with murderous rebels hot on his trail.

Fighting for survival, William looks outside the borders of Normandy to find an unexpected ally. Then he stakes his dukedom and his life on one great battle that will decide his fate.

In England, King Canute has died leaving two widows, each with a son she plans to make King. Meanwhile Godwin, the ruthless, calculating Earl of Wessex is preparing for the day when his own son, Harold will make his bid for the throne.

In Bruges, the Count of Flanders’ headstrong teenage daughter Matilda is determined to choose her own husband. But one man has decided that he will have Matilda for his bride. She doesn’t want him. Her father objects to him. Even the Pope forbids the union.

But that man is William of Normandy. And when he wants something, he will not stop until he gets it.

Book.3: The Conqueror And The King
William of Normandy has been named the heir to the throne of England. But Harold of Wessex breaks his vow to support William’s claim and claims the crown for himself. So begins the path that will lead to battle on Senlac Hill, as the fate of an entire nation and its people is decided in a single blood-drenched day.

William the Bastard becomes the Conqueror. A boy whose mother was a peasant lass now wears a crown of gold, studded with rubies and emeralds. But at the moment of his greatest triumph his greatest troubles begin.

When the North rebels, William stains his soul as well as the soil with the blood of the innocent. Enemies in Scandinavia, Scotland, Normandy and France attack his new empire from every side. But his most serious challenge comes from his own flesh and blood. William’s oldest son, Robert hates him and his beloved wife Matilda takes her son’s side in the fight.

As the shadows of age and sickness fall and his mighty strength at last fails him, William the Conqueror gathers himself for one last campaign – one final bid for the greatest prize that he has ever won …


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